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Woodbridge School

Nestled on the banks of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, and is set in an open and inviting rural environment.


Woodbridge School offers the facilities and curriculum of urban schools with the benefits of a safe, clean and peaceful marine /rural environment.  We have the most spacious grounds and play areas of any school in the area. 


We provide a range of unique opportunities not readily available in other schools in the private or state systems.

Our location and facilities (including the vessel RV Penghana) enable the school to integrate the remarkable local environment into the curriculum.

The school asserts the right of students to learn without disruption, and discipline is based on responsibility and logical consequences.

A rural setting, up-to-date technology and the proximity to Hobart give the school the best of both worlds.



Our Vision: We aim to develop unique, innovative and engaged learners.


Our Mission: To develop a shared responsibility to provide every student the opportunity to learn and reach their potential.  


Our Values: Respect, Responsibility, Including Others and Doing your Best

Marine Discovery Centre