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Launch into Learning


Our Launch Into Learning Program (Sea Stars) offers a range of opportunities for families with children from birth to four years of age to develop positive partnerships with the school, the staff, other families and the broader community. We consider parents to be the first and most important educators of their children and our role is to support families in this process.


Our regular sessions run at the school on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.15 until 11.30 and parents are welcome to attend any or all of these. The focus is on the development of early numeracy and literacy skills and this is achieved through the provision of gross motor, music, craft and other play-based activities.


We also hold Dad’s Nights once each term and this allows for fathers to come along to the school with their children (and mothers to have a short break). These sessions run from 5pm until 6.30 and offer similar opportunities for learning as our regular sessions but we also provide a light evening meal. During the evening fathers get to know each other and are able to observe how their children interact within a group setting.


Some of our regular sessions begin at the school and then move to community locations, including West Winds Community Centre, ZooDoo and Kidz Bizz. Transport is provided free for the longer trips and we always welcome suggestions for places to visit.


The following link provides information about preparing students for Kindergarten