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LIFT – Learning in Families Together

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Our top three beliefs about lift
Because we believe learning is a partnership between home and school… …we learn about children’s strengths and interests from families and build this into our teaching and learning
Because we believe we don’t have all the answers… …we seek to enhance the role parents play in children’s learning
Because we believe parents play a critical role… …we empower them to become confident participants in children’s learning
Developed by LIFT Working Party 2016




Key Strategies




Story Play Bags

We have over 50 Story Play Bag that contain great picture books, resources and learning ideas to try at home. Take a bag home and explore! Families who have not accessed resources will be identified and direct contact made.






Connecting to the World

Together we need to provide children with as many experiences as possible to learn about the world. Your experiences, hobbies, skills, knowledge, interests and careers are essential to help us provide this. Teachers will send home information about student learning each term, they will ask for families to identify if they can help us to build a rich teaching and learning program.






Learning Together

Opportunities will be provides to learn about how to support children in their learning. Invitations will be sent home to find the best possible time for families to attend.






Learning Journey

At the beginning, middle and end of each term a class learning journey will be sent home. This provides information about what students have been learning and how you can continue the learning at home. There will also be information about upcoming events.






Snapshots of Learning

Download Educa and sign up! Teacher post regular learning stories and so that families can see their child learning.




If you have specific questions or would like further information please contact Brooke Turnor – Assistant Principal

Email: brooke.turnor@education.tas.gov.au
Mobile: 0438 172 920
Woodbridge School: 6267 4667
Website: www.woodbridgeschool.org.au