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Important Information


Supervision of students on board Penghana 
Secondary students spend part of their visit on board our research vessel Penghana. Due to limited space, most classes are split into two groups – alternating between Penghana and activities at the MDC. The visiting school must bring appropriate staff to supervise students if the class needs to be split.  We require students on board Penghana to be accompanied by an adult who is competent and capable to manage student behaviour and is familiar with any medical requirements of the students.

Supervision of students in public spaces

Please aware that the MDC is a shared space and your class may be visiting alongside another school group (DECYP or non-DECYP).  The Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre is also adjacent to public spaces such as the Woodbridge Jetty and boat ramp. 

Risk management and permission forms

It is the responsibility of the visiting school to organise student permission forms, medical information (and medications) and its own risk management plan.  A copy of the MDC generic risk management plan can be found on our web site and can be used to inform your own risk management planning.

Please bring:

  • Class list.
  • Working with Vulnerable People card for all visiting teachers (government and non-government) and assisting adults.
  • Student medication if applicable.


Risk Management

A copy of our Risk Management form can be downloaded here.

May 2021 Risk Management MDC

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