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Important Information


Supervision of students
Secondary students spend part of their visit on board our research vessel Penghana. Due to limited space, most classes are split into two groups – alternating between Penghana and activities at the MDC. The visiting teacher is usually responsible for supervising students at the centre while the MDC teacher supervises the students on Penghana.


It is the visiting teachers responsibility to ensure that their students:
⦁ Treat animals in the touch tank and pool room carefully
⦁ Use IT and scientific equipment carefully to avoid damage
⦁ Are respectful of any other visiting school groups.


Mobile phones and valuables
Photography of the animals is perfectly fine and the MDC does not have a policy on students bringing personal mobile phones, however NO RESPONSIBILITY is taken for electronic equipment or any valuables.  If the visiting teacher wishes, we can organise for phones or valuables to be stored in the staff office.


Medications and first aid
Please ensure you bring any medication students might need.  We have first aid kits at the centre and on RV Penghana, and MDC staff have first aid qualifications.


Weather appropriate clothing
Students will be outside for between one and three hours.  Please ensure students have weather appropriate clothing, including sun protection, jumpers and covered shoes.  We do have a small number of spare jackets, but for duty of care reasons we will not include any student on RV Penghana without appropriate clothing or footwear.


Payment and cancellation policy
Your school will be invoiced for your visit.
⦁ Cancellation of a booking 30 or more days prior to your visit: $60.00
⦁ Cancellation of a booking less than 30 days prior to your visit: Full fee
We reserve the right to postpone a booking in the event of extreme weather conditions.


Risk Management

A copy of our Risk Management form can be downloaded here.

May 2021 Risk Management MDC

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