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Pre-visit Resources

There is no required pre-visit learning, however teachers may find students get more out of the visit if they have some background information on the marine animals at the MDC and activities we will do on board the research vessel Penghana.


Pre-visit Videos


Additional Pre-visit Resources



Optional Pre-Visit Lesson Plans

Year 7:  Marine Animal Classification and Foodwebs

MDC Year 7 pre-visit learning activities


Year 8:  Marine Animal Body Systems ad Cells

MDC Year 8 pre-visit learning activities


Year 9:  Marine Ecosystems and Human Changes to the Ocean

MDC Year 9 pre-visit learning activities


Year 10: Carbon Cycles and Ocean Systems

MDC Year 10 pre-visit learning activities


CSIRO: Teaching unit on BioSensors : Educational program complementary information_25_02_2019

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