Years 11 and 12 Extension at Woodbridge in 2021!


In extending to Years 11 and 12 in 2021, Woodbridge students will now have the opportunity to select from a range of possible options in regard to their post Grade 10 mode of study: whether full or part time, or as part of a shared enrolment with other Year 11 & 12 providers; on site, online through VLT (Virtual Learning) and Canvas platforms, or a mix of these.

Our aim is to establish and develop a Year 11 and 12 program that:

  • Offers clear pathways and a comprehensive range of opportunities for students through to the completion of Year 12, enabling them to meet their potential.
  • Enables students to meet TCE (Tasmanian Certificate of Education) requirements.
  • Extends and supports those students wishing to explore more academic pathways through attaining an ATAR score.
  • Builds upon key areas of study relevant to local industry opportunities and creates connections with employers in order to enhance the likelihood of employment post Year 12.


In addition, a new building designed to meet the needs of facilitating the Year 11 and 12 program is scheduled for development part way through next year!


If you are interested in finding out more about Woodbridge School’s Year 11 and 12 program, or have questions about enrolment for Years 11 and 12, then please contact Kate Gabatel (Year 11 & 12 Coordinator) either via the school office or: